TC Bros Choppers Forward Controls
Extension Kit
TC Bros Choppers Forward Controls Extension Kit Mod
Editor's Introduction:  The guys over at TC Bros Choppers approached me in August and offered to donate one of their forward controls extension kits to me so that I could install them and do a write up about it on the website here. Now, I haven't had my own ACE for a long time but I know several members of our community were interested in these forward controls, so I took them up on their offer and decided to have a contest and give these to the member who won.  AcemanLen was the lucky winner and he wasted no time in installing these bad boys and doing a write up about them and so here it is!

The kit as it arrives from TC Bros Choppers
Instruction page one.
Instruction page two.
Parts list and assembly diagram (take note of the special 6mm spacer shown on the photo to the left. it's not included on the assembly sheet but is needed for under the sprocket cover)

Materials & Tools Needed
  • The KIT, from TC Bros Choppers. Currently $129.99 (SKU 102-0025)
  • 1 Bottle Loc-tite (Blue)
  • 1 new cotter pin. (Take the used cotter pin to match the size)
  • Basic set of metric wrenches, sockets and a ratchet
  • Pliers
  • Set of metric allen keys
  • Old blanket or something else soft to lay your exhaust pipes down on.
  • 2 new crush gaskets for your exhaust (Honda P/N 18291-MM5-860)

First I want to thank TC Bros, PlaneCrazy and of course Ace of Clubs for picking my number!

A little about my mechanical skill level, I am a renovator by trade so I am pretty good at figuring things out, but as far as mechanics work I have usually left that to my local mechanic. Since buying my wife's and my bike I have done a few things, but mostly fluid changes and chain adjustments. So I would put my skill level at say 2 ¼ on a scale of 1 to 5.

To begin this mod I had to decide where I would complete it, I wanted to complete it in my driveway to give more space but the clouds looked threatening (as usual in the Maritimes). I decided to clear out the garage a bit to give me room and laid out a tarp to avoid loosing parts into the ever deepening concrete cracks!

After carefully reading the installation instructions, I began. The instructions are very easy to follow, though I did do a few things differently.
I removed the exhaust, which was easier than I feared. Important note: get 2 new exhaust gaskets you will need them to re install the exhaust (POP POP)
I removed the brake linkage pivot arm
I disconnected the rear first than found it easier to remove the peg assy to remove the front of the linkage and disconnected the brake switch.
At this point I have all the right side removed, and I deviated from the instructions instead of moving to the left side to disassemble I began the right side install.

The install of the right side Forwards went easy, just followed the instructions, the only tough part was re installing the cotter pin into the clevis pin at the rear linkage, to make that easier I took my vice grips, a cloth and squeezed the clevis on the brake linkage rod. To reinstall the brake switch I just loosened the top bolt on the radiator and pulled the wire and switch through, between the frame and radiator.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As a mechanic, I highly recommend that you always use new cotter pins.

NOTE: Don't tighten the peg assy tight yet or you will need to loosen again when lining up the spacer bar across to the other peg.

EDITOR'S NOTE:I would recommend just installing all the hardware hand tight without Loc-Tite until it's all installed and aligned (Mock Up) Then remove one bolt at a time, put some Loc-Tite on it and re-install and fully tighten it. Loc-Tite dries fast so you don't want to use it until you are ready to tighten everything down.
Install right mounting bracket.
Install right foot peg.
Re-route brake switch.
Install brake linkage.
Brake linkage.
Hook up brake switch.

On to the left side, I found this side easier going, as I think my confidence was building. First I had to remove the sprocket cover, I took off the bottom bolt and tugged and pulled to no avail, finally I broke out the Clymer, and then removed the top washer and pin. That made it easier! I removed the shifter linkage and foot control by following the instructions (I also took this opportunity to clean out some of the old chain wax and gook behind the sprocket cover). I installed the new linkage bracket and the peg assy again simply following the instructions (don't forget to install the spacer behind the sprocket cover). Connect the cross bar (spacer bar) then tighten everything up.
Left side.
Removed sprocket cover.
Sprocket cover pin and washer.
Removed shift linkage.
Removed left peg assy.
Installed left mounting bracket.
Installed left foot peg.
Installed shift linkage and sprocket cover.

I spent about 15 minutes adjusting the brake pedal and shifter to fit the new positioning. Then reinstalled the Exhaust. This is where you need the new gaskets, as I found out! (Tip: To make it easier to re install the exhaust I used my bike lift to help hold it up)

I spent about 3 ½ hrs to complete this mod, some time was spent cleaning up parts that I could reach and taking pics and notes. Over all I would say this was fairly easy to do with a small skill level.

Before and After:  Ok, so I am 5ft 10 something, and 31" inseam so I am just there for the recommended height and inseam. They know what they are talking about so if you have a shorter inseam you don't want these. I reach the pegs comfortably with a slight bend at the knee, which you need for when you hit a bump or something so you can add a little pressure on the pegs. With the OEM set up, my knees were up and my feet were bent at the ankle as far as they would bend, so I was quite cramped, my ankle would get sore and uncomfortable very quickly, I would get fidgety and try to push myself back on the seat.

Final Impressions:  So to put the forwards to the test, I went out today for a ride, I did about 70 miles, a little over 2 hrs. I choose a route that had city, country twisties and highway. I stopped once for a smoke (not because I needed to!), I got off the bike and felt fine and didn't need to stretch out at all. I did not get fidgety or cramped and did not feel the need to reposition my legs at all during the ride. For city riding it is taking some getting used to when leaving from a stop to find my peg because it's not where my foot is used to, but that's getting better, also I do find my boot heel has scrapped the pavement in aggressive turns, so I will need to adapt my turns (or not be as aggressive!). On the twisties I did not scrap my heel, but I had cars ahead of me so I wasn't as aggressive as I can get on my turns. The highway was painless and comfortable.

The TC Bros forwards are well made and look good, I was thinking chrome brackets would look better but once installed I find the black blends right in and makes the controls look like that's where they belong. With the cross bar connecting both peg assemblies, they are tight and secure and I did not feel any flex in them.

I would recommend these to anyone that feels cramped, they are easy to install and look good are made of quality materials and add comfort to your ride!


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