Rigid Mount Saddlebag Mod
Custom Rigid Mount Saddlebag Mod by Chester
  Wearing a backback to carry my gear in this summer heat got old in a hurry, So I did this today. I can't take cedit for the idea, because I know a lot of folks have done this before. Just thought I'd throw up some visuals for anyone thinking of trying it. I like my saddlebags to fit tight against the side of the bike, so I actually prefer this type of mount over using aftermarket saddlebag brackets.

Materials & Tools Needed
  1. Angle grinder with a metal cut off disk, and a metal grinding disk(other tools may work better, but this is what I had);
  2. 12mm and 13mm wrench ;
  3. "Sharpie" marker ;
  4. Drill ;
  5. SAFETY GLASSES (especially if your using a angle grinder) ;
  6. One retired diamond plate tool box ;
  7. 8mm standard thread bolts appoximately 1/2" longer than the stock fender bolts ;
  8. Eight fender washers (2 for each bolt) ;
  9. Four standard washers (2 for each of the front bolts on both sides for a little extra clearence) ;
  10. Four 8mm nuts (I already had these laying around so I drilled out the threads and used them as spacers for each mounting point. ;

Step 1:  Used a marker to trace the outline of my saddlebags on an old diamond plated tool box. Then used a cut off disk on my angle grinder to roughly cut out the pattern. Used the grinding disk on the angle grinder to shape the final pieces.

Step 2:  Used the marker again to mark where the holes needed to go after deciding where I wanted my bags to sit. Then drilled the holes just large enough for the 8mm bolts to fit through.

Step 3:  The aluminum pieces fit nicely inside the bags and realy firmed them up.

Step 4:  I used the drill again to hollow out four 8mm nuts that I used as spacers to keep the bags off of the side of the fender. I also used two additonal washers on the front bolt on each side to give it just a little more space, since the fender strut widens out toward the front.

Step 5:  The bags still fit snug against the side of the bike, just the way I like 'em.

Step 6:  These things will be seeing a lot of use traveling to and from the job everyday.


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