Cheap & Easy Camera Mount
Cheap & Easy Camera Mount by Zero200
  Ever wanted to show people what it is like to ride a bike? Perhaps through the twisties in the mountains or in the rolling hills of the east coast? Maybe you just want to take some shots for yourself. Well, why not take a couple shots with a digital camera, or capture some video. How you ask? Well, just follow the instructions below.

I would like to make it clear that this is not 100% original, but is merely customized compilation of other designs modified to best suit my needs. Since most people on this website have the same bike and similar windshields, I thought I would share my experience.

Materials & Tools Needed
  1. Rubber pipe connect (I used 3/4" I believe) c/w 2 pipe clamps(see A in photo below) ;
  2. PVC reducing tee 1" x 3/4" with the 3/4" threaded (See B in photo below);
  3. PVC hex plug 3/4" threaded (see C in photo below);
  4. One 1/2" Long Screw matching the thread of your camera (try a 1/4 x #20 x 1/2 screw - see D in photo below);
  5. A Peece of 1" x 1" dense foam pad with one side peel off tape approx 1/4" or 1/8" thick;
  6. Hacksaw;
  7. Tin Snips or Shears;
  8. 6" Ruler or other measuring device;
  9. Drill and 1/4" drill bit;
  10. Flat screwdriver and adjustable wrench

  To the left below is a photo of most of the parts. Disregard the wing nut and the length of the bolt. On the right is the approximate costs for the materials.

Step 1:  Step one is to cut the tee in half. I used a hacksaw as shown below.

Step 2:  Next, cut the "pipe connect" to fit the tee pieces.

Step 3:  Next measure the space between the forks and cut the tee to suit..

Step 4:  Test fit the unit, and you should have a nice snug fit all the way around the handlebar. If there is too much cushioning anywhere in the mount, there will be more vibration. If it fits, you can use the pipe clamps to snug it down. If the fit is right, the pipe clamps should not have to squeeze the handlebar. The clamps should only be required to keep the unit from separating..

Step 5:  Now for the top portion of your mount. You will need that 3/4" threaded plug and a 1/4" drill bit to match the OD of your screw. I think you know what to do.

Step 6:  Now, apply the foam and insert the screw. Do a test-fit to the camera. The camera should be snug, but allow for rotation. Remember most of those cameras have plastic threads. IMO, the ideal situation is to have the screw threads bottom out in the camera, and have the foam compressed about 1/2" - 3/4" of the way.

  If you followed the instructions above, you should end up with something like below. I have attached an action shot below (right). It is by no means interesting, but it was taken at 110Km/Hr.

To install the camera, remove the 3/4" plug. Attach to the camera. Rotate the mount down towards the tank a bit to allow the camera to screw into the tee and not interfere with the wind shield. Rotate the mount back to level, and you are ready to snap away.



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