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Having trouble registering or joining this forum, READ HERE.

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 10:38 AM

We've added this forum for new members who are having trouble registering and for old members having trouble logging in.


Please read the FAQ below to see if your issue is mentioned.   If you still have an issue creating an account or logging in, then you can use the Private Message (PM) system to contact the Manager of the forum Vomio.  Just click the icon of the letter beside your user name in the upper right, then select "Compose New" and in the recipient box, type "Vomio" and you will see his account pop up.  He will be managing the day to day operation of this forum for the next several months and please be patient when asking him for help as he is doing this as a volunteer and it might be a while before he can sit down and fix any issues.





Registration and New Member FAQ



I registered but never received the email with the validation link


Make sure you used the correct email to register on this forum.  Also make sure the email is not hidden in your 'SPAM' folder on your email client.   All automated functions of the forum require that you have a valid working email address and the admins will need to verify that email even if they decide to register you manually.   Also, your email address is only visible to the forum admins and not to other members or the public.



What do i do with that picture I see when trying to register?


It's a simple puzzle meant to keep spam bots from creating fake accounts on here.  You just treat it as a puzzle and use your mouse to move the pieces onto the picture to complete it. 



I keep getting the wrong answer on the registration question.


It's just 'shadow'



I've been away a while and forgotten my password. Can you help?


Even the admins of this forum do not have access to your password information.   If you lost or forgot your password, then you can use the link that is below the password box when you try and sign in.  That will ask you for the email address you used to register here and then send you an automatically generated temp password to that address.  Use that to log in and then change the password using your Profile pages.  This function will only work if you still have access to the email address you registered with.  if you no longer use that email address then you will have to contact the admin here and ask them to change the email address on file for your account.  You will be required to validate that address.  To contact the Manager of this forum, you may need to create a new, temporary, account in order to use the PM system. 



Can I change my username?


All registered members have the option to change their display names a certain amount of times in a month.  You can do so under your "settings" which are located in your profile pages. Just click your name in the upper right.



I replied to a PM someone sent me but they haven't received it.


One of the most common errors i see is that members get an email notifying them of a new Personal Message and they read it then hit reply while in their email client.   Even though the email specifically says Do Not Reply.  The email is just a notification. to reply to these PM's you need to log in and do it from the forum itself. 



I sent an email to the webmaster and/or Planecrazy, but I received no response.


Planecrazy is currently out of country for several months and has handed over the administration of this forum to Vomio for the time being.  Any emails to PC's personal email addresses might go unanswered for several months.  Emails to the webmaster@750ace.com should still be forwarded to Vomio but it would be more reliable to use the forum's Personal Messenger (PM) system to contact Vomio with any forum related issues.



My issue is not mentioned in this FAQ, what next?


Send a PM to "Vomio" who is the Manager of this forum.   To access PM's, you need to log in but even accounts not validated can still use it.   If you forgot your password and can not recover it using the automated service then I suggest creating a temporary new account and then using the PM to contact the Manager.


Alternatively, you can directly email an Admin at the following email address...