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  • '02 shadow 750 ACE '03 cbr 600rr
    '02 shadow 750 ACE '03 cbr 600rr
    Thanks for the pictures.That is quite the contrast in rides!The bikes are looking good.
  • 21366619 868695379945367 3421658213268772461 O
    21366619 868695379945367 3421658213268772461 O
    Thank for posting the pictures LADY is a good looking bike. Same colours as my 1999 VT750CD3.They must have started out looking identical as they rolled off the assembly line, at this point in...
  • 2013 08 30 14.35.07
    2013 08 30 14.35.07
    Good looking bike, enticing pictures.Thanks.
  • front hose
    front hose
    Relax! It's just a breather hose bruh.
  • Air filter hose
    Air filter hose
    The hanging hose on the airbox side connects to the carb right by the starter enrichment cable connection. I couldn't find the nipple before because it was caked in grime and it was dark out.

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